RE: Looking for a Majestic Dryer drum belt

Mr. Mitchell,

I have found the secret to decoding metric belts usually lies in the number printed on the belt.

What I’ve found: Your belt is probably marked “5PJ1270” or “PJ1270-5” (the “dash” can also just be a space or two in-between.) The letters “PJ” stand for “Poly-v -- J-Series” which tells us the type of belt and size of the ribs. The number immediately following the “PJ” is the metric length measured in outside circumference, usually millimeters. Use this online length converter if you don’t have a metric ruler. Any number before or after the “PJ1270” would refer to the number of ribs, which is sometimes silly because anyone can just count the ribs and there you go... I can only guess that you have a Majestic, Maytag, or Admiral dryer as those “PJ” metric belts seem to have been common among those brands.

I found a supplier that sells USA made 5PJ1270 belts direct to consumers online. You can buy just one, or two and keep a spare handy. Always in stock and low-cost Priority Mail shipping so you’ll get your replacement belts in a matter of days.

Hope that helps!

Looking for a Majestic Dryer drum belt

I"m looking for a dryer belt: 5 rib 50 inches long.
I've used Huanyu 5PJ1270, Fengshou 5PJ1270, and will try a Jiali EL1292 J5 if nothing else is available.
They are used in a Majestic brand clothes dryer. The drum will jam with lint, stall, and snap the belt every now and then, so I like to keep them on hand.
Can you help me find some better belts, preferably made in the USA?
“Ace” Mitchell
Humptulips, Washington

RE: 5HP Craftsman Air Compressor Belt

You have a Poly V 460J6 belt. If you check it, It should measure to be 46 inches outside circumference and the six “notches” are normally called Ribs in the industry. Poly-V and Micro-V belts are known as “ribbed V belts” and, if available, the number following the “J” designates the number of ribs. Sometimes the manufacturer leaves the number following the “J” off because of the way the belt is cut from the raw “sleeve” which may have hundreds of ribs before it it cut down to size and the size number is silkscreened onto the belt. You can buy 460J6 belt stock from a number of reputable suppliers. If you have trouble with the air compressor manufacturer’s website, I alway start with Belt Palace’s online store to compare prices. They always seem to have items in stock and offer same day shipping.

Thank you for your contribution!

5HP Craftsman Air Compressor Belt

I have a Craftsman 5-HP Air Compressor that I need a motor belt for. The only number on the belt reads “460-J” and it has 6 notches on it. It’s a pretty old compressor so I don’t know if you could suggest something to replace the belt. Please let me know if you have an answer. The Sears website didn’t have much on it. :(

claranvatar- Clarence W.