RE: Need YERFDOG Clutch belt

LOL! I didn’t mean to freak out, but I’ve been looking forward to this event for a month and -- POW! -- the clutch belt breaks while my uncle was testing the new torque converter he put on. When i googled for it, it seemed that every place I looked was backordered. So I learned my lesson and bought TWO spares from Belt Palace’s online belt store and I plan to keep them in the trailer at all times.

They even sell clutches for go karts so I bought a spare and saved a bunch on shipping.

Thanks again for the quick reply!
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RE: Need YERFDOG Clutch belt

Jason, first ease up on the caffeine. Second, you should try I sent you the link in an IM already... Belt Palace It is the only place I know of that has the Comet Belt #203591A and Yerf Dog Q43203W replacement in stock and shipping same day (as of the date of my post).

The also stock Murray, Manco, USA Motorsports/Sportworks, Sears, and other Go kart clutch belts in case any of your other karting friends are in a big hurry, too.

Thanks for the contribution!

HELP! Need YERFDOG clutch belt ASAP!!!

The number says Q43203-W on the belt but the company said it would take 2 weeks to ship. AAGH! EVERY PLACE IS BACKORDERED!!!
Do you know of any place that stocks them and offers next-day shipping??? Please let me know as soon as you read this.

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RE: 8192 Manco Go Kart Belt

It took me a while, Amanda, but here’s where to buy that MANCO belt for your son’s go kart. Should be exactly the same as the original Manco 8192... but it won’t cost as much so you can be happy about that. Plus, they make them with a raw edge that will boost the power of the clutch belt! I’m sure that will make your son happy, too. :D

You can confidently buy the Manco8192, Comet 203593A Go Cart Belt for your son’s Cart

Thanks for your contribution!

Where do i buy a Manco 8192 Go kart belt?

I am looking for a Manco 8192 go cart belt. Does anyone know where I buy them? My son needs one for his Go Cart.
Thank you in advance!

avtar01Amanda H.

RE: Comet Industries Belt

Once their factory closed, lots of Karting enthusiasts were left wondering where to get belts and clutches for their Comet Go Karts. Some of the suppliers stocked up on them, many did not.

Thanks for checking here first, but you may need to specifically search for the right comet belt for go kart model you have. If your local cycle shop doesn’t carry them anymore, try this Go Kart Belt store.

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Who has Comet Industries Belts?

“I found out that Comet Industries has closed and nobody around the city has a replacement belt that fits my Comet Go Kart. Do you know where I can order them online?”
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